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          Lincoln South Beltway

          The Lincoln South Beltway is a first-of-its-kind transportation project which utilizes an innovative Contractor-led financing structure to deliver the largest single-contract project in the history of the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) at $350 million.  Over the next three years Hawkins will construct an 11-mile 4-lane freeway connecting NE-2 and US-77 south of Lincoln, reducing congestion through Lincoln and improving east-west connectivity.

          We assembled a team of finance professionals from around the country to tackle the challenge of funding a project of this size, with construction being completed in 3 years but the State making payments over 10 years.  The finance team developed a unique Build-Finance structure that allowed Hawkins to issue bonds to cover costs during construction while keeping fixed the maximum quarterly progress payments by NDOT.

          Work began in February 2020 starting with clearing of trees and buildings.  Earthwork is a major component of this brand new 11-mile 4-lane freeway – we need to move 7 million cubic yards of dirt!  Construction of box culverts is also underway with 14 precast and 27 cast-in-place boxes needed.  Bridge construction began in Fall 2020.

          Check back for updates throughout construction!  (Updated 11-11-20)

          Project Details

          Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT)
          Lincoln, NE
          Bridges Roads

          "Hawkins Construction Company has been a vital partner in building some of Nebraska's most iconic transportation projects — like the West Dodge elevated expressway and the Interstate 80 six-lane between Omaha and Lincoln. Hawkins’ teams consistently help solve problems on-site, create accurate documents, and minimize unnecessary changes — all at extremely competitive prices.”

          Randall D. Peters, P.E.
          NDOR Director - State Engineer, 2012 -2015
          Associate Professor of Practice - UNL Department of Civil Engineering