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          Key Benefits of Working with Hawkins


          Our skill and sense of urgency in the field is complemented by highly advanced scheduling technology, including 4D virtual construction.


          Our financial stability is demonstrated by zero debt and the lowest bonding rate in the industry.

          Easy To Work With

          We provide solutions to keep projects moving forward, without losing sight of the professional courtesies clients deserve.


          We have one of the largest contractor-owned equipment fleets and repair shops in the Midwest, supported by over 300 skilled craftsmen.

          Experienced Management

          Every project is directed by a full-time superintendent and an inception-to-completion job sponsor with seven or more years of field experience and a college degree.

          Featured Projects

          “Can't thank the Hawkins team enough—quality work, great to work with and outstanding effort. Congratulations and well done!!!”

          Mike Frey
          V.P. Select Construction - Hyatt