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          Internship Program

          Learn to Build With The Best

          If you want to become the best, you must first learn from the best. At Hawkins Construction, we believe our highly sought after internship program will lay the foundation for building a successful career in construction.

          As a Hawkins intern, you will experience real construction, with boots on the ground and in the air. By working side by side with seasoned craftsman and top management alike you will see first-hand how projects flow from concept to completion, giving you more meaningful, real-world knowledge than you could get anywhere else.

          For questions please contact Tim Mollner at tmollner@hawkins1.com or 402-231-7816.

          Apply Online

          Interns receive many benefits:
          • Compensation
          • Experience
          • Enhanced Resume
          • Potential Career after Graduation
          • First-hand Insight into Construction Industry
          • Apply Classroom Learning to Field Experience
          Hawkins recruits students from all levels of experience with majors in:
          • Construction Management
          • Construction Engineering
          • Civil Engineering
          • Architectural Engineering

          Internship Program Application

          (PDF or Word files only)

          *All fields required

          “At Hawkins you aren’t just another number out on the job site. You are put to the test in an active and fulfilling learning environment that gives you the knowledge you need to be successful in the field. Hawkins advances your work ethic, confidence, leadership and communication skills, as well as provides you with a great personal network of people eager to help with your pursuit of knowledge in the industry and out.”

          Erik Bruening